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Thirty-Three and Thriving

Celebrating my birthday in Malibu, CA and reflecting on what my fall/winter is looking like and how I plan to #levelup my life plan.

I am currently writing this blog post at my local CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) sippin’ on a Sparking Berry-Lemon cooler on this beautiful Labor Day… doing nothing that even resembles labor lol) This past weekend I celebrated my 33rd birthday #ThirtyThreeAndThriving around great friends and family. Over the course of the weekend, I went to a comedy show at the famous Laugh Factory, which was quite entertaining; did a little bar-hopping in Downtown Long Beach; went to the Teyana Taylor’s KTSE Tour (she was amazing and I highly recommend you see her in concert.) I finished off the birthday celebrations with an oceanfront dinner at Moonshadows in Malibu, CA.

However, as I conclude the weekend I am sad to acknowledge that my birthday leads rights into Labor Day, which means summer is officially coming to an end and Fall/Winter is ready to make its debut. Fall also means the fourth quarter of the year is approaching. For me the fourth quarter always meant I had a couple more months to honor my goals for the year.

Every year I make mini-goals that I want to achieve and this year was no different. his year, my goals definitely challenged me in more ways then I ever could imagine; I wanted a new job that would challenge me but also provide purpose. In June I achieved this when I joined the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority. I truly stretched myself when I started my blog.

My blog isn’t just a place for words and venting but a real platform for where I want to grow as a person and a place to change the story of how disABLED adults are viewed and respected, as well as educate the world on our rights. Lastly, I wanted to pursue an additional stream of income. As a differently-abled adult, it is not cheap to live independently; nurses, medical cost, rent, transportation… it adds up to be very expensive… VERY FAST.

I work hard, but often times I feel as if the money is disappearing before I can count it and I don’t dare think that any 401A and/or 457 (Government Retirement and Employee Savings Plan) is going to take care of my needs 20 or 40 years from now so I have to think smart now. Realistically, my body will not be able to handle 14–16 hour work days in my wheelchair (i’m barely making it now lol) so working a traditional job is not in my long-term plan. For my future, I want my income to not be solely dependent on me clocking in and out to a job, I want more passive streams of income. So I made a decision to go back to school and get my Real Estate License.

This Fall Quarter will be spent hitting the books and learning the in’s and outs of California Real Estate and beyond. At first I thought I had to be certified crazy to go back to school… I mean I barely made it through grad school working two jobs AND commuting and even then I vowed to not go back to school again lol but here I was signing up to pay (out of pocket) for a new fall semester accelerated class!?! My only saving grace was my class was online! I’ve only been in the class for a week but it’s already stealing what little energy I thought I had but I must remember, once I get my license I’m one step closer to becoming a CA Real Estate Broker and that much closer to ‘securing the bag’ for my future, creating true stability and financial freedom.

I must be on the right track because I recently found out that my father also had his real estate license…. so this real estate hustle runs in my veins. Some may think I’m crazy to work two jobs, a blog, AND school but I want more for my life then just a paycheck; I want a legacy and it’s not going to happen by dreaming about it. I have to put in the work, I have to ‘lock in’ and make my dreams a reality; disABLED or not… this world is not for the weak.

If I want a better life I have to fight for it… and let’s face it, I like nice things, love to travel and love great home decor lol so my income must match my desires. I know this can be difficult for other disABLED persons who have income limitations or work restrictions but if you are able to work (doesn’t have to be traditional, get creative) then find the best way for you to succeed. As differently-abled people, we have to get creative with how we earn money… because the fact is …we do have limitations, but that doesn’t mean we are helpless.

In the past, I used to work customer service (at home) and that was pretty good money and it allowed me to work from my bed (literally) lol. Some companies even pay very well (i.e., Apple,, or Blue Cross.) I would definitely look into these companies/options for ‘at home’ or telecommute positions. Tech/ Computer Science is truly the way of the future, invest in yourself, take some classes, get certified and see how you can work as a consultant.

As I continue on this journey as a Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Broker, it will definitely be a new challenge but I know God didn’t bring me this far to just be a worker bee and struggle. I am meant for greatness… I just have to push pass the tiredness! Keep me in your thoughts/ prayers ya’ll this season is going to get REAL.

Until next time, this is my world… wheelz!

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